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stment agreement.Regarding the alignment of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) with the EU's Euro-Asian connectivity strategy, Xi called for speedy implementation of the agreed demonstration projects, and the promotion of more enterprises to participate in the third-party market, and the green development of the Belt and Road.Xi said China and France should intensify cooperation on innovation and achieve sustainable development. Efforts should be made to deepen science and technology cooperation, strengthen cooperation in fields including environmental protection and biodiversity conservation, and expand pragmatic cooperation in new energy vehicles, Internet-connected cars and artificial intelligence."More French enterprises are welcome to take part in the construction of Wuhan Ecological Demonstration City," Xi said.As for promoting exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, Xi wished the 2021 China-France Year of Cult▓ure and Tourism a success, noting that the two sides should strengthen cooperation in museum and cultural heritage protection.Xi said China is ready to strengthen cooperation with France in multilateral

be made to strengthen ▓exchanges an

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    d cooperation in the intellectual property rights field and supp
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mechanisms such as the United Nations (UN)▓ and the Group of 20.The two countries should jointly safeguard the international system with the UN at the core, the international order based on international law▓, as well as the multilateral trading regime with Wor▓ld Trade Organization (WTO) rules as the cornerstone, Xi said.They should push forward reform of the WTO toward the right direction through consultation, and give special consideration to developing countries' rights and interests, Xi said."We will adhere to the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, encou

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